Welcome to Lotus Medical & Health Clinic!

Lotus Medical and Health Clinic focuses on prevention and healthy living as well as disease management for your whole self for profound healing, health and wellness.  Dr. R.H. Leach, Ph.D., L.Ac., CLC, is dedicated to providing quality heath care with a personal approach.

Dr. Leach practices an eastern based medicine through a unique approach, a balance of three techniques;

  • Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese Medical Herbs)
  • Wellness Coaching (Life Coaching which focuses on health and wellness)
  • Energy Medicine (similar to acupuncture point energy work/Qi Gong)

At Lotus Medical & Health Clinic, your treatments are centered around your individualized health and wellness goals in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.  Dr. Leach works with adults, children of all ages and canines to help them move beyond their current health and wellness challenges.

Within her treatments, Dr. Leach stays with you for the duration of your session to provide the most effective treatment for you.  She also provides you with wellness activities beyond treatments to progress you further towards your health and wellness goals.

Dr. Leach is here to listen to and work with you to achieve your optimal health and wellness.

Try a complementary 30 min consultation for all new patients.